The Upper Austrian Society of Psychotherapists is one of nine federal branches of the Austrian Society of Psychotherapists  (ÖBVP).
The general aim of the society is establishing a chamber of psychotherapy by expanding psychotherapeutic knowledge, skills and professionaliism and to bring it into  public  consciousness.

The OÖLP provides

  • general information for people interested in psychotherapy
  • services, supports and offers support for members in their professional interests in  preparing seminars, conferences in research topics and is engaged in international contacts.
  • The rationale – complaint and mediation office ( Ethik, Beschwerde und Schlichtungsstelle)  as a trouble shooting instance in problems showing up between clients, psychotherapists and in – training – psychotherapists.  It also serves for all educational settings and their affairs.

The society is linked with numerous institutions and societies all over the world.